Education from the old ways of Native Americans




Education from the old ways of Native Americans

Healing the Human Spirit and Mother Earth for the next Seven Generations through love, peace and stewardship in the Traditional Ways.

Cherokee Elder Momfeather Erickson visited the physical site of Mantle Rock, and received a vision for the "Regathering of the People". Mantle Rock is a natural rock arch formation spanning 180 feet under which thousands of Cherokees sought shelter and hundreds perished during the Removal, Winter of 1838-39. Today this sacred site, owned & managed by the Nature Conservancy, is a Native American Historical Landmark and lies along the Trail of Tears National Historic Trail across Western Kentucky. Our Center is located in nearby City of Marion, Kentucky.

Momfeather and her husband, Dean, founded the Mantle Rock Native Education & Cultural Center in 2001, and it is a 501 c 3 non-profit organization. Mantle Rock is governed by a Board of Directors, can call upon Advisory Council for input, and operates through a core group of volunteers. We work in partnership with elected officials, state commissions and local organizations and groups in advocacy of Native American rights, cultural preservation and awareness.

The Center consists of a 5 acre site with two buildings, including a large Gathering Hall. Capital improvements are planned and fundraising to accomplish these objectives are underway. Our long-term vision is to expand the Center into a 45 acre complex for achieving our goal of becoming a premier Native American university and peace center.